Research Team

my_photoPrincipal Investigator: Andrei Maiseyeu, PhD

After receiving Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, I joined an imaging and cardiovascular biology lab at the Ohio State University, Heart and Lung Research Institute (DHLRI) as a post-doctoral fellow. At first, I was puzzled by single-use labware: during my PhD work, thorough hand-washing of used labware was a grueling ritual and, occasionally, a ‘reward’ for successful synthesis. Starting with discovery of disposable plastic flasks that biologists routinely used, I learned many intricacies of medical research. Fast forward 10 years, in November 2016, I joined the faculty at Case Western Reserve University with the goal to elucidate mechanisms of cardiovascular disease through nanotechnology and chemistry. See my biosketch here.

Postdoctoral Scholar: Alice Chaplin, PhD

alice-e1501085022751I have a PhD in Nutrigenomics from the University of the Balearic Islands, Spain, which I partly carried out at the Experimental Vascular Medicine Department at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. Up until now, my research has focused on the study of energy metabolism in obesity and the metabolic syndrome, particularly focusing on the role of gut microbiota and epigenetic modifications. Currently, I am a postdoctoral scholar at the Maiseyeu Lab where I will participate in the design and use of novel therapeutic strategies in cardiovascular disease through GLP-1 receptor activation. I am passionate about travelling and yoga, and living in the USA is proving to be an amazing experience.

matt_photo_headshot.PNGMedical Student: Matt Mignery

My name is Matt Mignery, and I am currently a first-year medical student at Case Western. I was born and raised in Columbus, OH, but grew up a Michigan football fan. I majored in biochemistry at Miami University in Oxford, OH, where I worked in Dr. Rick Page’s Structural Biology and Biophysics lab. We investigated the crystal structure of the mitochondrial protein Mortalin (its nucleotide-binding domain) in various states using x-ray crystallography. Currently, I work in Dr. Maiseyeu’s lab where we are further elucidating atherosclerotic macrophage metabolism along its M1/M2 polarization spectrum. I enjoy hiking, reading for leisure, and playing chess.

High School Student: Anushree Aneja

anushree-e1501177348455My name is Anushree Aneja and I am currently a senior at Solon High School. I joined Dr. Maiseyeu’s lab at the beginning of the summer 2017 and have been working on a project entitled “Microfluidic Systems for Shear Stress Studies in Macrophages” since then. I have been in Science Olympiad for 7 years (about to start my 8th) and have done events in fields such as epidemiology, cellular biology, microbiology, and experimental design. I am also a member of Speech and Debate where I do an event called International Extemporaneous Speaking. I hope to pursue Neuroscience as a career. I enjoy reading and photography in my leisure time.


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